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Compex HD

Composite Warming and Science

Over 60 studies have shown the benefits of heating composites prior to placement. Virtually all the studies used the AdDent Calset, the first composite heater designed for the dental profession. These proven benefits include Increased flow as you would expect but the results go much further.


  • Ease of dispensing viscous materials.
  • Greater depth of polymerization and increased strength
  • Shorter curing time
  • Better adaptation to cavity walls
  • Less microleakage
  • Better color stability
  • Less shrinkage and shrinkage stress.
  • Less enamel fractures due to shrinkage stress.
  • Less patient post-operative sensitivity.
  • Longer lasting restoration.

All these attributes lead to better outcomes as well as more indications for use like cementation of crowns and veneers.

Compex HD

For optimum temperature, all the benefits of heated delivery, Compex HD delivers the perfect flow for all restorative procedures including injection molding and porcelain cementation. Compex HD heats all compules to 155°F (68°C) in 1-2 minutes. Up to 100 compules can be dispensed without recharging. This all-in-one, light weight, heated dispenser saves space and easily moves from room to room. Fast compule insertion saves time and are easy to eject when doing multiple restorations or layering. Infection control is addressed with included autoclavable silicone sleeves and barrier bags that prevent cross contamination. The ease, convenience, and comfort of Compex HD make it a must have for your practice.

“The Compex heating gun is a fantastic advancement and innovation in the arena of composite placement. It is an extraordinarily well designed mechanism with infection control features that are currently unsurpassed and so easy to use. My students and I have truly enjoyed the opportunity to work with it and look forward to always working with heated composite.”

John Comisi, DDS


  • Light weight handheld rechargeable device.
  • Heats all compules with diameter of 6.32mm to 6.68mm
  • Heats compules in 1-2 minutes.
  • Heats compules to 155°F (68°C)
  • Heats up to 100 compules without recharging.
  • Easy to load and unload with patented ejector mechanism.
  • Silicon sleeve seals compule orifice.
  • Barrier bag covers entire handle.
  • Short recharge time.


  • Comfortable all in one heater and dispenser – saves space, easily moved room to room.
  • Heats composite compules currently on the market.
  • Quick turn around with next compule
  • Delivers all compules without temperature loss. Makes all composite materials easy to extrude.
  • Charge no more than once per week under normal use.
  • Fast compule insertion and removal saves time.
  • Autoclavable silicone sleeve covers entire length of compule and heater for ideal asepsis.
  • Disposable barrier bag minimizes cross contamination by dentist or assistant.
  • Full charge time is only 4 ½ hours


What is Thermally Assisted Polymerization? Why should I warm my composite before placement?

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CE Webinar
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Composite Warmers: The Key to Success in Direct Composites Presented by Lee Ann Brady, DMD, sponsors by Addent, Inc.

VideoComposite Warmers: The KEY to Success in Direct Composites Presented by Lee Ann Brady, DMD

What is Thermally Assisted Polymerization? Why should I warm my composite before placement?



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