Calset Warmer – For Anesthetic

Anesthitic Tray from Addent, Inc.Description:
Holds 3 Anesthetic carpules

• Warms anesthetic to body temperature

See other available accessory trays.


• Heats anesthetic to 98°F (37°C)
• Maintains constant temperature
• Decreases patient discomfort


• Patient is more comfortable

Current Patents

Addent, Inc. PatentsThe Calset is covered by one or more of the following Patents:
1 – US 6,236,020 B1
2 – US 6,320,162 B1
3 – US 7,015,423 B2
4 – EP 1151728
5 – EP 1479356k

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“I have been a Calset user for the last 7 years and it has never let me down! These are built to last! The New Calset Mult-Tray does everything and is my favorite version of the Calset tray configurations. It warms my loaded composite PLT, and heats additional PLTs perfectly. It also works excellently to heat composite syringes, instruments, and even anesthetic cartridge.”

– Matt Nejad, DDS – Instructor at Biomimetic Dentistry CE

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