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Research References




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#4 Dental Economics, Pearls for your Practice – Joshua Austin, DDS, FAGD

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#13 Oral Cancer Screening New Analytic Technique for Autofluorescence Interpretation – Joel M Laudenbach DMD

Calset Research References


#1 Cementing Porcelain Restorations With a Warmed Composite Resin Containing a Rheological Modifier – T A Hess

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#11 Decrease in Density (increase in volume) with Increase in Temperature – J. Stansbury

#12 Dental Economics, Pearls for your Practice – Joshua Austin, DDS, FAGD

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#62 Warming Up to Composites – George Freedman



#1 CoMax Composite Dispenser by AdDent – Dental Economics



#1 A reason for the use of toluidine blue staining in the presurgical management of patients with oral squamous cell carcinomas – Missman M, Jank S, Laimer K, Gassner R

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#7 Outside the Box Cosmetics for Outside the Guide Results – J Fluke DDS

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#9 Shade-Matching Challenge: A Single Central Incisor – Lorin Berland, DDS and Sami Yared, CDT

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