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CE Webinar Available On-Demand

We are the proud sponsor of a free online CEU Course, available on demand so you can take this course when it is convenient for you. The webinar is presented by Lee Ann Brady, DMD through CDE World. 

Composite Warmers: The Key to Success in Direct Composites Presented by Lee Ann Brady, DMD, sponsors by Addent, Inc.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss what composite warmers are and how to use them
  • Review the ways that composite warming changes the physical properties of the material
  • Determine the impact on warming composite on adhesion bond strengths

Click here to access the webinar for free.

CDE World | Addent, Inc.


CDA Anaheim 2018 Conference

Advancing Dentistry: A Dental Podcast
Advancing Dentistry: A Dental Podcast
CDA Anaheim 2018 Conference

We had a wonderful time at California Dental Association’s Anaheim Conference! It was a busy three days at the booth with dentists, dental hygienists, dental students and office staffs coming by. We displayed our Bio/Screen Oral Screening Instrument, Microlux Transilluminator, Calset Composite Warmer, CoMax Dispenser, Trimax Composite Contact Instrument, and Rite-Lite2 Shade Matching Light.

Check out how busy the trad show was in section B and C!

Our Social Media Coordinator, Kira Dineen, is pictured with the CDA sign outside of the convention center.


A dentist visiting the booth tested out our Comax Composite Dispenser.


Many of our key opinion leaders stopped by the booth. Here Dr. Doug Lambert is pictured with our Sales & Marketing Administrator, Marian Hesemeyer.


Our Sales & Marketing Administrator, Marian Hesemeyer, explains how the Calset Composite Warmer and Comax Dispense work together.


Marian Hesemeyer shows how the Rite-Lite2 Shade Matching Light can help dentists select and verify the correct shade for dental restorations.


Sure was a busy conference with lots of lectures to hear, workshops to attend and booths to visit.


The 2018 conference was held at the Anaheim Convention Center on May 17th, 18th and 19th.

Say Hello to Kira Dineen!

If you follow AdDent on social media, you’ve likely been seeing more activity across popular platforms. Expect to see that continue—and increase. That’s because AdDent has brought social media specialist Kira Dineen on board to promote and expand the company’s online presence.

Dineen has experience in helping healthcare-related companies reach audiences, and she brings her expertise to the Danbury, Conn.-based dental product manufacturer of the Bio/Screen Oral Exam, Rite-Lite 2 Shade Light and more. You can view full details about the company’s products at

Much of Dineen’s social media and technology background comes from her experience as a podcaster. She currently hosts and produces DNA Today: A Genetics Podcast, a podcast that features healthcare experts on public and genetic health. 

For AdDent, Dineen is sharing a steady stream of product and industry news, events and ideas. She is the one who is posting information and responding to feedback and messages on the company’s behalf on TwitterInstagramFacebook and LinkedIn.

What does Dineen have planned for AdDent?

“We are looking forward to engaging with our community by interacting with their content, participating in social media events like Tweetchats, and sharing updates on our dental products,” she said.

Dineen encourages dental professionals to follow the company on all of its platforms, but if your own social media footprint is limited, she recommends at least following AdDent on Twitter to stay updated about the company. She said dental professionals could benefit interacting with the established, active community on that platform. Plus, it’s where you would have learned, according to AdDent’s recent tweets, that AdDent’s home state of Connecticut was ranked the third best in dental health—as well as which AdDent product is on sale through the end of May (it’s the Microlux Transilluminator).

Whichever platforms are your preference, don’t forget to follow AdDent—and while you’re there, be sure to say hello to Dineen.

Addent, Inc. on Social Media

Addent, Inc. - Advancing Dental Excellence

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