Rite-Lite PRO

Perfect shade selection with this Multispectral/HI CRI Shade Light, new from Addent, Inc.


Life saving technology for oral cancer screening brought to you by AdDent, Inc.

Microlux 2

For detecting Anterior and Posterior Caries and helping to visualize crown fractures, root canal orifice, and root fractures.


Warming composites couldn’t be easier with AdDent’s Calset Warmer and Trays.


Improved polymerization and reduced shrinkage, eliminates open contact areas, ideal anatomical form for premolar, molar and large molar restorations.


For detecting Anterior and Posterior Caries and helping to visualize crown fractures, root canal orifice, and root fractures.


The ORABLU Oral Lesion Marking System is used as an aid to enhance the visualization of oral mucosal irregularities by physically marking areas of oral mucosa that may warrant further investigation.


The CoMax has a special patented ergonomic mechanism for comfortable handling and easy dispensing.

Cellerant Best of Class Technology AwardHere at AdDent we strive to make your job easier

ISO certification for Addent, Inc.With cutting-edge technology and an unparalleled dedication to advancing dentistry, we are proud to bring you our award-winning products for restorative and diagnostic work. Our latest product is Bio/Screen, a life saving technology for oral cancer screening. Learn more about this and all of our other products and then contact us for a free 10 day trial — that’s how confident we are that you’ll love our products. AdDent Inc. manufactures high quality advanced dental products and maintains a 6,500 sq. foot manufacturing and R&D facility in Danbury, Connecticut.
Bio/Screen by Addent, Inc.

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“The Microlux is one of the most important illumination devices available to enhance viewing of dental tissues. I use the Microlux on every patient in which I have to evaluate tissue, including, initial exams, hygiene exams, emergencies, and clinical procedures. When used in its designed transillumination mode, many defects in teeth, which cannot be detected by direct illumination or with radiographs, can be visually identified. Using dental magnification and the Microlux in direct illumination, health and diseased tissues, dental defects, deposits, can more clearly be visualized. Evaluating restorations, both during preparation and placement and existing restorations is enhanced using direct illumination with the Microlux. I feel the Microlux is an integral devise to evaluate dental tissue and should be used routinely in patient care.”

– James R. Dunn, DDS, Auburn, CA

“BioScreen provides accuracy and speed to identify abnormalities intra orally during my oral cancer screenings. With an ergonomic yet solid light feel, the BioScreen is very patient friendly and comfortable to use.”

– Dr. Tyler Green, Conroe, TX.

“I have been a Calset user for the last 7 years and it has never let me down! These are built to last! The New Calset Mult-Tray does everything and is my favorite version of the Calset tray configurations. It warms my loaded composite PLT, and heats additional PLTs perfectly. It also works excellently to heat composite syringes, instruments, and even anesthetic cartridge.”

– Matt Nejad, DDS – Instructor at Biomimetic Dentistry CE

“Great product. I have used it to verify my own shade selections. Every single shade selection I chose was verified correct by Rite-Lite 2. This would be an indispensable tool for anyone who doesn’t have a great eye for color.”

– Steven Balloch, DDS, Glastonbury, CT

“I’ve been using the Calset warmer for several years and it has become an indispensable part of my practice. Not only does it make today’s heavily filled composites easier to express, but heating enhances the physical properties of the resins, making for a stronger and more durable restoration.”

– Douglas L. Lambert, DDS, FACD, FASD, FASDA, FICD, ABAD
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