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New Product Release:

Rite-Lite 2 Shade Matching Instrument

The Rite Lite 2 Shade Matching instrument is a low cost device that incorporates Tri-Spectra L.E.D. technology to simulate multiple lighting conditions that aid in the shade matching of teeth, porcelain and composite dental restorations.

Rite Lite 2 offers three modes of lighting for shade taking. 1. Color corrected north white daylight at a color temperature of 5500◦ Kelvin, considered a standard in shade measurements. 2. Incandescent warm room light at 3200◦ Kelvin, found in many indoor environments and, 3. Ambient room light at 3900◦ Kelvin. This combination of room light and daylight is used to further verify shade.

The Rite Lite 2 is powered by 12 color-matched L.E.D.’s, 2 AA batteries and has a voltage regulator and low battery level indicator to assure constant light intensity. This instrument is intended for use by the dentists, dental ceramists and dental laboratories.


Microlux with Proximal Caries Attachment


The Microlux Proximal Caries tip has a fiber that is .75mm which makes it easy to slide the fiber through the posterior interproximal contacts and allowing for any caries to be detected through transillumination.  The Proximal Caries tip is an accessory to the Microlux Transilluminator.

Manufacturers P/N for Proximal Caries with 5 Fiber Light Guides – 640072

Manufacturers P/N for Proximal Caries Light Guide Refill Kit (Qty 25) – 640071


Bio/Screen by AdDent, Inc.

The Bio/Screen Oral Exam Light is a device intended for use as an adjunct to traditional oral examination to enhance the visualization of oral mucosal abnormalities.

The Bio/Screen uses 5 powerful violet LEDs that shows biofluorescence in the oral cavity without turning off the room lights. It is powered by an internal rechargeable lithium ion battery. An on/off push button is located on the viewing side. An eyepiece and an optical viewing filter increases contrast between healthy and abnormal tissue. A battery charge indicator is located on the viewing side of the handle.


OraBlu Oral Lesion Marking System

AdDent introduces an easy to use marking system that is designed to enhance the visualization of suspicious lesions and mucosal irregularities that may warrant further investigation or biopsy.

OraBlu Oral Lesion Marking System is a useful adjunct for screening suspected oral cancer lesions.  Commonly known as Toluidine Blue, the stain can accelerate the decision to biopsy, and save lives with a timely diagnosis.

The OraBlu Oral Lesion Marking System is a three component swab system. OraBlu consists of one 3.0ml 0.5% Tolonium Chloride solution*, one bottle of 6.0ml 1% acetic acid solution, and 30 individually packaged applicator swabs. The OraBlu kit contains enough material for approximately 10 applications.