ORABLU™ Oral Lesion Marking System consists of one 3.0 ml bottle containing 0.5% Tolonium Chloride solution, one 6.0 ml bottle containing 1% acetic acid solution, and 30 individually packaged applicator swabs. The OraBlu kit contains enough materials for approximately 10 applications.

The ORABLU Oral Lesion Marking System is a three component swab system intended to be used by a dentist or physician as an adjunct to traditional oral examination by incandescent light with further examination with an oral examination light manufactured by AdDent,Inc. The ORABLU Oral Lesion Marking System is used as an aid to enhance the visualization of oral mucosal irregularities by physically marking areas of oral mucosa that may warrant further investigation.

– One bottle of ORABLU dye (0.5% Tolonium Chloride)
– One bottle of Pre & Post Dye Solution (1.0% Acetic Acid)
– 30 individually packaged applicator swabs

OraBlu Oral Lesion Marking System is a useful adjunct for screening suspected oral cancer lesions. Commonly known as Toluidine Blue, the stain can accelerate the decision to biopsy, and save lives with a timely diagnosis.