Calset Warmer – For Porcelain Veneer

To allow for cementation of Porcelain Veneers with composite.  Tray holds 10 veneers.

See other available accessory trays.

• Place veneers in the wells of the tray.  Place composite in back of veneers.  Place tray on top of heater and cover for 3 minutes.  Cement veneers.

• Heats composite material to 98°F (37°C), 130°F (54°C) or 155°F (68°C)
• Porcelain Veneer Tray is designed to easily fill veneer with composite material

• Improves composite flow by 68%
• A more flowable composite allows the porcelain veneer to be seated
• Composite filling material provides a stronger bond with less leakage for the final seated restoration

See Parts List for part numbers.

Dr. Frederick A. Rueggeberg says: “The pre-heating of composite, such as with the Calset provides significant increase in composite cure and lowers paste viscosity allowing for enhanced composite flow over using the material at room temperature.”