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Toluidine blue staining in the detection of oral precancerous and malignant lesions

Toluidine blue staining in the detection of oral precancerous and malignant lesions.
Silverman S Jr, Mioltorati C, Barbosa J.

One hundred thirty-two consecutive patients suspected of having malignant or precancerous oral lesions were studied by comparing toluidine blue dye uptake clinically with a simultaneous biopsy. The histopathologic diagnosis confirmed 57 squamous carcinomas, 42 epithelial dysplasias, and 33 benign mucosal changes. Overall accuracy of the toluidine blue uptake was 91%. In the dysplastic and malignant lesions the false negatives were 2%, and there were 30% false positives in the benign lesions. It was concluded that toluidine blue staining is a useful adjunct to careful examination, clinical judgment, and biopsy.

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Increased Predictability in Tooth Shade-Matching

Increased Predictability in Tooth Shade-Matching
By: Kelvin I. Afrashtehfar, DDS, MSc(C)

Regardless of the operator’s gender, training and experience, shade-matching ability in the clinical practice and the dental laboratory improves significantly when conventional lighting is modified by light-correction. Accurate shade selection that allows restorations to match the natural dentition positively influences the patient’s appearance and esthetic self-esteem.

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Thank you SAS Excluvias

Thank you SAS Excluvias for sharing these images of the SEMO mtg. happening today Sociedad Española de Medicina. Courtesy of Sally Bustos.

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