Calset Articles

Creating Super Dentin: Using Flowable Composites as Luting Agents to Help Prevent Secondary Caries - Gregg A. Helvey, DDS

Effect of intermediate agents and pre-heating of repairing resin on composite-repair bonds - Papacchini F., Magni E., Radovic I., Maxxitelli C., Monticellia F., Goracci C., Polimeni A., Ferrari M.

Clinically Relevant Issues Related to Preheating Composites - Maria Daronch, Frederick Rueggeberg, Linda Moss, Mario Fernando de Goes

Effect of pre-cure temperature on the bonding potential - Amerigo Cantoro, Cecilia Goracci, Federica Papacchini, Claudia Mazzitelli, Giovanni Maria Fadda, Marco Ferrari

Effect of pre-heating composite resin on gap formation at three different temperatures - Nilabh Choudhary, Sharad Kamat, TM Mangala, and Mohan Thomas

Warming Up to Composites - George Freedman

Clinical Benefits of Pre-Warmed Composites - George Freedman

Porcelain Laminate Veneer Insertion, Using a Heated Composite Technique - Gregg A. Helvey, DDS

Effects of Preheating Resin Composite on Flowability - James Broome

Thermally Assisted Flow and Polymerization of Composite Resins - Joshua Friedman

The Influence of Temperature on the Efficacy of Polymerization of Composite Resin - Wedad Y. Awiliya, BDS.MSC

Use of Near-IR to Monitor the Influence of External Heating on Dental Composite Photopolymerization - M. Trujillo

A New Technique for Placement of Posterior Composite - Richard Trushkowsky

Monomer Conversion of Pre-heated Composite - M. Daronch

Improving the Polymerization of Composite Resins - Mitch Conditt, Karl Leinfelder

Porcelain Laminate Veneer Insertion Using a Heated Composite Technique - Gregg A. Helvey, DDS

Effect of pre-heating on depth of cure and surface hardness of light-polymerized resin composites - AJD Munoz


Effect of Pre-heating on the Viscosity and Microhardness of a Resin Composite - S. LUCEY*, C. D. LYNCH†, N. J. RAY*, F. M. BURKE* & A. HANNIGAN

Composite Pre-heating: Effects on marginal adaptation, degree of conversion and mechanical properties - Nívea Regina Fróes-Salgadoa, Luciana Maria Silvaa, Yoshio Kawanob, Carlos Franccia, Alessandra Reisc, Alessandro D. Loguercio

Calset IADR Research Reports

Thermal Effects on Composite Photopolymerization Monitored by Real-time NIR - M. Trujillo

Curing Efficiency of a Direct Composite at Different Temperatures - L. Littlejohn

Composite Film Thickness at Various Temperatures - R.G. Holmes

Effect of Pre-Heating Composite on Microleakage in Class II Restorations - J.B. Linger

The Effect of Temperature on Hardness of a Light-curing Composite - I. Krejci

Pre-heated Resin Composite. Temperature Effects on Monomer Conversion and Kinetics - M. Daronch

Thermal Effects on Photopolymerization Stress Development - M. Trujillo-Lemon

Temperature Influence on the Depth of Cure of a Composite - P. Burtscher

Effect of Repeated and Extended Heating on Conversion of Composites - M. Daronch

Effect of multiple preheating cycles on hardness of composite materials - A. Pokorny

Effect of Pre-heated Composite on In-Vitro Intrapulpal Temperature Rise - M. Daronch

Calset Studies

Influence of Initiator System and Temperature on Real Time Double Bond Conversion - K. Vogel

Composite Film Thickness - Frederick Rueggeberg

Decrease in Density (increase in volume) with Increase in Temperature - J. Stansbury

Warmed Anesthetic Reports

Development of an Electronically Heated Painless Injection System - K. Konuma

Warming Anesthetics Reduces Pain of Injections - Bill Hendrick

Comparison of Room Temperature and Body Temperature Local Anaesthetic Solutions – L. C. Bainbridge

Warming Lignocaine Reduces the Pain of Injection During Peribulbar Local Anaesthesia for Cataract Surgery – R.W. Bell

The Warming of Local Anesthetic Agents to Decrease Discomfort – L. H. Bloom

Comparison of Plain, Warmed, and Buffered Lidocaine for Anesthesia of Traumatic Wounds – G.X. Brogan Jr.

Local Anaesthesia: to Warm or Alter the pH? A Survey of Current Practice– D. J. Courtney

Calset Power Point Presentation

Calset Powerpoint Presentation - Joshua Friedman

Calset Powerpoint Presentation - Alan Foster

Calset Interviews

Calset Composite Heater - an Interview with Dr. Joshua Friedman (Quicktime Player)

Rite-Lite Articles

Dental Photography: A New Perspective; Part II, Techniques - James R. Dunn DDS and Richard A Young DDS

Performance Assessment of Hand Rite-Lite - Joe C. Ontiveros

Trimax Articles

Expediting Class II Posterior Composite Placement - Richard Truskowsky

PRIME CONTACTS — Predictable Reliable Interproximal Method to Obtain Proper Contacts - Daniel H. Ward DDS

Microlux Articles

Compendium Feb 2014 Fiber Optic Transillumination Article

The Use of Fibre-Optic Transillumination in General Dental Practice - G.M. Davies

An in vitro Comparison of the Ability of Fibre-Optic Transillumination, Visual Inspection and Radiographs to Detect Occlusal Caries and Evaluate Lesion Depth - D.F. Cortes

Identification of Resected Root-End Dentinal Cracks

Incomplete cusp fractures: Early diagnosis and communication with patients using fiber-optic transillumination and intraoral photography - Samer S. Alassaad, DDS

Microlux/DL Power Point Presentation

MicroluxDL PowerPoint

OraBlu Articles

Utility of toluidine blue staining and brush biopsy in precancerous and cancerous oral lesions - Gupta A, Singh M, Ibrahim R, Mehrotra R

The usefulness of toluidine staining as a diagnostic tool for precancerous and cancerous oropharyngeal and oral cavity lesions - Allegra E, Lombardo N, Puzzo L, Garozzo A

Toluidine blue staining identifies high-risk primary oral premalignant lesions with poor outcome - Zhang L, Williams M, Poh CF

The adjunctive role of toluidine blue in detection of oral premalignant and malignant lesions - Epstein JB, Guneri P

The utility of tolonuim choride rinse in the diagnosis of recurrent or second primary cancers in patients with prior upper aerodigestive tract cancer - Epstein JB, Feldman R, Dolor RJ, Porter SR

The use of toluidine blue in the detection of premalignant and malignant oral lesions - Cancela-Rodrigues P, Cerero-Lipiedra

Tolonium (toluidine blue) rinse — a screening method for recognition of squamous carcinoma. Continuing study of oral cancer IV - Mashberg A

Toluidine blue staining for detection of oral squamous carcinoma - Wiersma AC, van der Waal I

The utility of toluidine blue application as a diagnostic aid in patients previously treated for upper oropharyngeal carcinoma - Epstein JB, Oakley C, Millner A

Toluidine blue staining in the detection or oral precancerous and malignant lesions - Silverman S Jr, Migliorati C, Barnosa J

Use of meta-analysis to evaluate tolonium chloride in oral cancer screening - Rosenberg D, Cretin S

Reliability of toluidine blue application in the detection of oral epithelial dysplasia and in situ and invasive squamous cell carcinomas - Onofre MA, Sposto MR, Navarro CM

A reason for the use of toluidine blue staining in the presurgical management of patients with oral squamous cell carcinomas - Missman M, Jank S, Laimer K, Gassner R

In vivo toluidine blue staining for the detection of oral cancer and precancer - Wong PN

Toluidine blue: A review of its chemistry and chinical utility Gokul Sridharan and Akhil A. Shandar